TESOL Zhaotong

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K.Y.- Canada said:
This unit presented a variety of common problems that teachers can face in the classroom environment, and the different techniques which can be used to overcome these issues. When teaching the first lesson, teachers should take into consideration whether the class is a new or existing group. In the case of a new group, teachers will need to build not only the student-teacher relationship, but also rapport between the students themselves. In either case, the course book should be avoided altogether, and activities should focus on getting to know each other, and finding out about the students needs, interests and language level. Throughout the course, care also needs to be taken to ensure that the needs of all students are being addressed, taking into consideration the size of the class, the possibility for differences in language levels and for some students to be more reluctant to participate than others. Furthermore, the common tendency for students to use their native language rather than English in class should be addressed by the teacher with gentle but consistent reminders to speak only in English, and through the use of clear explanations and activities which are appropriate for the language level of the students. Lastly, difficulties with listening texts should be addressed by ensuring that listening materials are appropriate and audible.