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M.K. – U.S.A. said:
this unit covers conditionals which have to do with events which did not not happen. They could have happened if certain conditions were fulfilled. The second part covers direct and reported speeches. Looking at conditionals, we realise that they all have have different forms and methods of application. The first one is the zero conditional. This has to do with events that are certain or cant be denied. The second one is the first conditional which talks about a situation that is certain to happen only if a condition is being fulfilled.The third one is the second conditional which is about a situation that is supposed but its not necessarily real or true. the fourth one is the third condition which refers to a supposed pass action which would have been true if a condition was fulfilled. The last one is the mixed condition is about a situation which refers to supposed pass action but which has a consequence in the present. The reported speech has to do with someone reporting what some other person has said but not in the exact words.