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After watching two videos about an English teaching class, the most important thing I learnt is that the attitude that the teacher comes into class with will have a profound effect on the success of the lesson. being a teacher, we need to smile all the time to make the students feel comfortable and keen to participate the class. And also, we can build a rapport with students by learning their names and call on their names. We should explain everything that we want to teach clearly to make sure that the students can follow our pace.Preparing for a class is imperative for a successful lesson. Class size, seating arrangements, the age of students, nationality, etc must be taken into consideration before the lesson begins. A comfortable and safe environment ensures a good chance that students will be more confident to build rapport with each other and with the teacher. Misbehaving students can be reprimanded by staying calm and attempting to fix the root of problems, usually after class or in private. It is important to be clear and consistent with instructions.