TESOL Krasnodar

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M.C. - U.S.A. said:
This unit covers teaching special groups I found it extremely useful. The first group they focus on is beginner groups, there are five different beginner groups, but beginners can fall in more that one group. The second group they focus on is individual students, in this unit they name that there is an increasing demand for one-on-one lessons and I have experienced the same here in Vietnam. Here, I learnt new ideas and activities that will be very useful. The third group is children, I have quite a lot of experience in teaching children and I agree with the unit when they say it is very rewarding teaching children. They are truly like sponges and absorb new information so easy, but it is important to keep it simple and on their level. The fourth group is business or English for specific purpose teaching. When teaching this group you have to do a need analysis test to find out what you need to teach and also be very well prepared and professional. The fifth and final group is monolingual and the multilingual groups. In a multilingual group the students are from various different nationalities, normally in countries where English is the native language. This group has lots of advantages, one of them is that all the students depend on communicating in English, because they are from different countries. The monolingual group usually takes place in the student?s home country.