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In Unit 16 the topics of Conditionals and Reported speech were introduced. The first part of the unit focused on Conditionals (if/when), where the 'if' clause and main clause will refer to past, present, or future possibilities. I learned the main five types of Conditionals are Zero conditional; First conditional; Second conditional; Third conditional, and Mixed conditional. The grammatical structure and the nuances associated with each usage is something I expect the students to have a lot of problems with due to their similarities. The second part of the unit focused on Reported speech (indirect speech), referring to reporting a past direct speech. I learned for changing a Direct speech to a Reported speech there are many changes to be made, such as Verb tenses; Pronouns (depending on context); Questions, and Time expressions. With so many things to change I expect there is a wide margin for error for the students, especially the concepts of Verb tenses and Time expressions.