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This unit was the most difficult so far. In this unit, all seven future tenses were explained. The first four followed the familiar pattern of simple, continuous, perfect, and perfect continuous. A new tense, \"be going + infinitive\" was introduced and easily understood, especially since it is one of the future tenses used most frequently (along with present continuous). The re-introduction of the present simple and present continuous tenses was a bit of a surprise although placed in the correct context made perfect sense!This unit presented the future tenses. The unit served as a good refresher for me about the differences and the usages of each future tense. It was particularly helpful to see the difference between future simple tense and \"going to\" future tense. Besides learning about the differences between the future tenses, I now have a better idea of what sort of activate stage activities I should use for each of the future tenses. I believe it will now be easier for me to present the future tenses and their meanings to my students.