TESOL Liaoyang

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L. D. - Italy said:
In this unit I learned that teaching aids, or using different equipment, in a classroom is very important if a teacher wants to provide varied and interesting lessons. The most vital piece of equipment in any classroom is a whiteboard/blackboard/variation thereof. Without this it becomes difficult for both the teacher and students to keep track of what has been mentioned in a lesson, and also serves as a space to post materials used within the lesson. OHP images can also be projected on these surfaces. Electronic equipment including CD/DVD players and video cameras can also be used to great effect in an ESL classroom to hold students attention and break up classes into more manageable sections. Although the unit mentions CD players and tape cassette recorders I feel that in my experience these devices are outdated, and that an average personal computer with an OHP can fulfill almost all the needs of an ESl classroom. Non-electrical objects such as course books and dictionaries are also important, as they allow students to research and find information by themselves. It is important to remember that even in this modern age where a majority of people own smartphones and computers, a dictionary can always be used in any setting (eg. if there is no internet access in a teaching location, or there are any equipment malfunctions in the classroom).