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The unit explains the past tenses of the English language. The explanation conveyed in the unit helps the teachers to be able to teach different types of past tenses effectively in their classes. The explanation about the regular and irregular verb forms is essential and will serve great benefit for the teachers in their explanation in order to help the students in using varieties of verb forms correctly. Teachers will feel more confident in teaching these tenses after they are exposed to the explanations provided by the unit.Modal verbs are always important but difficult points during the English learning. We use it a lot in our daily speaking to show our feeling in some way. To clarify the modal verbs and teach them in the proper and clear way become essential to the teachers.Intrasitive and transitive phrasal verbs are complcated for the students.Normally we ask the students to memorize it, however, it makes them feel bored and confused. We can try to use it more often in the daily speaking so that the students can be infused by it without notic