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This unit focused on teaching pronunciation and phonology. This by far was the most technical unit of all. I thought previous units were difficult, but in comparison to this one they were not. Almost 70% of the terms/vocabulary used in this section were foreign to me, however all the information provided did make sense. The phonemes, although I see them all the time in the dictionary were a lot harder to decipher without the English word written next to it. The information provided seems that it would be very useful when a student if having difficulty with their pronunciation.Phonology is the science, analysis of physical aspects of sounds. Intonation is really important. Normal pattern is rise/fall. There exist several ways of teaching it such as by gesture, singing, using a board. Stress can help to identify what the speaker wants to say. Techniques such as by gesture, contrastive stress, using borad, choral work, stress marks can be used in order to teach stress. Articulation in subdivisions such as speech organs, place of articulation, manner of articulation are the spheres what i'll have to take into consideration during the process of teaching.