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This unit demonstratively shows how a perfect lesson must look like (in comparison with the example of a bad lesson). The example of the good lesson has taught me that a teacher has to be an engaging person: to smile, to be polite, to commend student?s work, not to be down on the students, to correct mistakes/errors kindly and politely, to encourage students to learn more, to make students less stressful. The teacher should remember that he/she must speak clearly, give correct and clear explanations with appropriate examples.The unit helps us teachers to understand better how to manage our classes effectively. The seating position, building rapport and maintaining disciplines are essential elements for teachers to implement in their classes. Knowing the factors to consider when setting up the classes' seating position in each activity and also things to consider when setting up and maintaining disciplines will help the teachers to deliver their lessons more effectively without too much distraction from students who need some disciplinary exercises.