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M.C. - U.S.A. said:
Current English teaching has evolved through time following the pace of always evolving psychological theories and new language acquisition studies. Tefl teaching has currently gotten closer to methods that emulate natural language learning. Lessons are for the most part student centred unlike early teaching practices where there was a lot of ?teacher time?. One of the current most popular methods is called Engage, Study and Activate (ESA) developed by Jeremy Harmer. This methodology is based on three stages. In the Engage stage the teacher gets the students involved and interested in the lesson through fun and interactive activities. During the Study phase students learn the forms and construction of the language through boardwork and checking of the students? understanding. In the last stage students are encouraged to actual language use, here fluency is more important than accuracy. The stages can be modified and fairly flexible as long as the lesson begins with the engage phase and ends with the activate phase. Studying the techniques I can use during each phase has been truly informative but what I really found enlightening was mistake and error correction because I have a tendency to tell the answer to my students. I now know there is a time and a way to correct mistakes and errors. I am exited to apply all that I have learnt in this unit in my future lessons.