TESOL Zhaoyuan

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C.T. - Romania said:
When teaching begginers it's useful not to use their mother language, even if we know it. The teacher should encourage students to use English as much as possible during the lesson. Using many visual aids, regular revisions and homework are very helpful too. Students need time to improve their listening skills. If they don't understand a tape, we should always let them hear it again. With individual students it's advisable to base on course book. Free conversation may be useful just as a part of the lesson. The rest of the class should consist of activities that help to acquire new vocabulary and/or other language points. Teaching children requires: - slower and more accurate pronunciation - use of higher pitch and exaggerated intonation - frequent repetitions - positive responses from the teacher - lots of encouragements - making sure our lessons are varied, interesting, absorbing and fun. Before we start a Business English course, we should test language level of our students. Afterwards it is recommended to assess students' needs by using a special ?need analysis? sheet. The next step is preparing a list of learning objectives, topics and proper materials. It's useful to highlight the aims of each activity and to evaluate progress during the course.