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K.Y. - Japan said:
This unit was an introduction to all the English grammar rules I have taken for granted in my life thus far. While I already knew the bare bones (such as the difference between a noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, direct and indirect article, preposition, gerund, and conjunction), without this review, I would not have had the language to adequately separate the parts of speech into their proper subdivisions. Being a native speaker, everything contained in this unit seems deceptively simple, as I encounter grammatically correct language almost all day, every day. However, by forcing myself to stop and break down the parts of speech, it quickly becomes evident how confusing this could be to someone trying to learn English. As I have studied French (and am now living in a French-speaking province of Canada where I put my skills to work), I find this grammar section particularly useful, as I feel it can sometimes be easier for students to grasp vocabulary if they can focus on the sentence structure, instead of stopping the flow of the sentence to literally translate each word in their mind. For instance, if I were teaching a French-speaking group English, and could introduce the definite article \"the\" as such, they would instantly know to use \"the\" anytime they are thinking of \"le\" or \"la\" when forming a sentence in their native tongue.