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J. P. - Canada said:
The necessity of lesson planning has been debating among schools and teachers. As some might suggest that lesson planning can help teachers to give out instructions clearly in order for students to understand the aim of the lesson more easily, while the others suggest that lesson planning might lead to students with decreased contribution and teachers might not be able to adjust the course material according to the needs of the students. Although both arguments have their own point of view, it is quite difficult for teachers to adjust their class freely if they have just started their teaching career. Therefore, it is critical for educators understand which degree of organized lesson will be suitable for them and their students. Lesson plan can be acted as a record, documents and aid to help teachers to keep track of what they have taught in class, and what the students have gained in the lessons. It can also help the teachers to find out which part of the course is needed to be reviewed and in the need of further explanations. As teachers might need to go back and forth to track down their lesson plans, it is important to note that the context of lesson plan should be simple. Teachers should be able to find out the aim of the lesson easily and be clear of what techniques are used to teach the lesson.