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R.M. – U.K. said:
I have learned about course book and lesson material. There are two types of course material used by teachers its authentic and created material. Authentic material are real and more interesting and motivating, It is made to the interest of a particular group of students and students gain confidence when they understand them. These include programs, magazines, newspapers, songs, poems etc. Created material is designed by teachers to replace or supplement materials from a course book. Teachers use their creativity to produce the material and those who are not artistic they use magazines to get pictures or stick people drawings and they can be graded to the level of the students. These include crossword, Role- play cards, Gap fill activities, picture stories, etc. I have also learned about course book, they consist of a set of material such as student's books, workbook, cassettes, teacher book, videos and reading books. There advantages and disadvantages of using a course book, Best use of course books, course book use, and analysis of a course book.