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I thought this unit was interesting followed with the previous unit. Reading and listening are part of the receptive skills and then writing and speaking are part of the productive skills. I liked how the examples use all four parts (reading, listening, writing and speaking) when teaching a new lesson, but they will emphasize on the writing and speaking part of the assignments. Also have students talk about fairy tales is fitting as these would normally be read out loud to children and adults would be familiar with them.Unit 11 teaches the receptive skills of 4 basic skills in language which are speaking and listening. Starting from showing the resons for reading and listening, this unit tries to teach us how to read and listen includes some skills such as scanning, skimming etc.Problems of learing a new language in reading and listening are sloved in many ways, for example pre-teaching vocabulary,selection of texts through the topics and so on. A patchwork example of a typical receptive skills is shown to make the unit easy understood.