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There is a vast array of teaching equipment to be utilized in a TEFL classroom. There are white boards, OHP, IWB, visual aids, cassettes, CDS, videos, video cameras, dictionaries and resource books. Interactive white boards have become increasingly popular to use in schools, but often expenses and technology is limited in the classroom. Overhead projectors are difficult to set up, but are useful for saving time and preparing lessons. Visual aids and videos are a great way to capture the students attention in a classroom.In this Unit, I've learnt the teaching vocabulary in particular selecting vocabulary, teaching words, and grammar structures (methods of presenting and practising). I've been facing to the problem of teaching new words for a long time. Now I'm aware of the techniques of teaching vocabulary and I've found out what part I should pay attention while teaching new words. Furthermore, typical ESA lessons are explained in 3 different forms such as typical ESA patchwork, ESA boomerang type, Straight Arrow structure in this Unit.