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N.V. - India said:
Teaching and as well relearning pronunciation and phonology is something that I feel that as native English speaker may have a hard time explaining why certain words are pronounced in a certain way rather or even stress sounds on different words indicating different meanings. As a native English speaker, we are taught indiscriminately about why one word may be pronounced this way and that same \"letter\" sound can change to make a whole different sound. I'm sure like many other languages there are underlining pronunciation and phonology to each language. Even if the there is not a whole lesson base on this topic of English learning, there are many opportunities integrate throughout each lesson in subtle ways. My favorite quote from this unit is that, \"at the end of the day, we must be realistic in our teaching and sometimes be prepared to accept intelligibility instead of perfection,\" meaning that our goal is not to conform our English learners to have the same pronunciation as a native speaker (unless that is their goal) and embrace.