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In unit four, I have gained a better understanding of the forms and usage of the tense system. It seems easy to speak the English language, but understanding the details can be challenging. Without these basics, it would be hard teach a student properly. I have learned a lot of fun games to help understand this rather boring side of English. One of those games helps with the present perfect tense. Students will mingle amongst each other and ask questions on their list. This helps spark a conversation about the present perfect tense.This gave an overview on not only how to teach pronunciation but also the physical aspect of speech as well. Learning about the different types of sounds, as well as the mouth movements that produce them, was challenging yet interesting. How an English speaker pronounces sounds is not something done consciously, so teaching it to students is important and potentially difficult for some teachers. Many English sounds are not natural for many students to make, so patience would be a virtue when working to improve English pronunciation.