TESOL Bantry North Dakota

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This unit was so helpful for me and my future as a teacher because I learned a lot about how to make a lesson plan. It was a more broad sense of the lessons at first and then gave clear and detailed descriptions of what to do regarding the age, and level of the class. I know I will be using the ESA technique throughout the entirety of my teaching. I learned the methodologies of teaching and which ones would fit me. Students need as much exposure to language as is possible, as well as feedback from the teacher. I am aware that in some countries, shame is heavier so correction can vary. I know that it is important to correct more in the Study stage of ESA, rather than in the engage or activate stages, and only after students have either self or peer correction as a chance to correct, and then the teacher can come in and gently correct. Encouragement and praise is just as important as correction and correction should never be misused or used as a punishment. I am very grateful for this lesson!