TESOL Duisburg

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M.H. - Japan said:
It makes sense that writing and speaking go hand in hand in the learning process because if one action is being preformed wrong then it will carry over into the next. It also is interesting that in this learning process there are certain times when correcting a students mistake will not be beneficial. If it is looked at from a student standpoint when learning a new language it is difficult to grasp everything at once. Some things are easier to understand, so when a student is showing their strengths it may be best to save the correcting for a different phase of the lesson as to not make them feel defeated. A great way to get a student's mind working is to give them an assignment or activity that they can get creative with. This is mentioned in the unit and I would have to agree with this because there are many classes that are very basic in teaching methods. It would be something different for a student to do if given the opportunity to write about something they find important. This is where they will shine the most because it is something they care about.