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I.F. - U.S.A. said:
Why complete a TEFL courseTravel the world, see fantastic places and things, and meet new and interesting people – Why in the world wouldn’t you want to complete a TEFL Course! You would be opening yourself up to the wonderful world of TEFL! In order to give the reader a little bit of background, this article first explains what “TEFL” is and what a “TEFL Course” does, it then gives a few fantastic reasons why a person would definitely want to Complete a TEFL Course. So to begin, you may be asking yourself, “So, what is a TEFL Course?” When I first started talking about taking a TEFL course many of my friends and family had no idea what it was. It was like I was talking a foreign language to them because no one I knew had ever heard of such a thing before. To start out, “TEFL” stands for Teaching english as a Foreign Language. TEFL is described by the International TEFL and TESOL Training organization (ITTT) as a term that “…is mainly used when english is being taught in a country where it isn't the native language (i.e. teaching english to Italians in Italy).” See The website further explains, “The standard, international qualification required for this position is either a TEFL or TESOL certificate. With this certification you’re able to take advantage of your english skills and use them to find meaningful and exciting employment around the world.” So basically a TEFL Course is a course designed to provide teachers with a certification so that they are able to teach english and get paid for it, all around the world. So the next question you might be asking yourself could be, “So why would I want to complete one?” I know, I know, the whole thing could sound very difficult and strange. However, there are many fantastic and exciting reasons one would want to complete a TEFL Course. Just to name a few, you would give yourself the opportunity to see the world, travel to fabulous places, meet new people and learn about so many interesting cultures and lifestyles. In addition, one could gather a strong sense of personal satisfaction both personally and professionally. Now let’s start with the first big benefit, giving you the opportunity to see the world. How great does that sounds! By taking a TEFL Course and getting your certificate, you will be able to teach english in almost every country all over the world and you can get paid for it! Do you want to see Greece? How about Italy or Spain? Ever thought you wanted to just get a way and check out what it’s like to see the culture of India? All this could be done by just starting out taking a course and getting your certificate. Organizations such as ITTT provide In-Class Courses in the country of your choosing that allow you to study and obtain your certificate while also giving you the tool s to getting you started in finding your first TEFL teaching job. You could teach every 6 months in each of your favorite countries and do this for as long as you like! See this link to find an example of a list of In-Class Courses. The other great reason to complete a TEFL Course is for the opportunity to meet new people and learn about so many interesting cultures and lifestyles. In addition, one could gather a strong sense of personal satisfaction both personally and professionally. You will be meeting the students in your classes, the other teachers and faculty in the programs, the people all around you in the cities and towns that you will stay in and have the opportunity to apply what you learn to your life. As you can see, this article provides just a few fun and exciting reasons why a person should want to complete a TEFL Course. Seeing the world, going to fabulous places, and getting paid while doing it. It gives you the opportunity to jump out of your comfort zone and into meeting new people. You can check out more about taking a TEFL course at Happy TEFL Teaching!