Can I get a work visa to teach English in Cambodia?

Most people aiming to teach English in Cambodia typically utilize a Business Visa (Type E), which is specifically designed for this purpose and is valid for up to one year. TESOL-qualified teachers in Cambodia are part of an exciting, rapidly developing educational landscape. To embark on this unique teaching adventure, it is crucial to obtain accurate and current visa information. Prospective teachers should directly contact the Cambodian Embassy or Consulate for the latest visa details tailored to their specific nationality.

American passport holders who want to teach English in Cambodia can visit the Royal Embassy of Cambodia website for more detailed information.

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What is the most common visa for teaching English in Cambodia?

What is the process for obtaining a visa for teaching English in Cambodia?

What is the most common visa for teaching English in Cambodia?

For foreign teachers in Cambodia, the Business Visa (type E) is the most common visa. Initially, this visa is issued for a period of one month at a cost of $35. Teachers have the option to extend this visa from within Cambodia for an additional six months to a year. The extension fees range between $100 to $300, depending on the duration of the extension. To successfully extend the visa, it is important to have either a signed contract or an invitation letter from a school or other educational institution in Cambodia.

Applying for the initial Business Visa (type E) is a straightforward process that can be done online through the Cambodian Embassy. Required documents for the application typically include:

  • Your passport with at least six months validity
  • A copy of the passport bio-page
  • One passport photo
  • An invitation letter from your employer
  • Processing fee of $35

What is the process for obtaining a visa for teaching English in Cambodia?

Obtaining a visa to teach English in Cambodia involves a systematic process. The initial step is to secure a teaching job in the country. Upon securing a position, your employer will issue an invitation letter, which is a crucial component of your visa application. The application for the visa can be submitted either through a Cambodian embassy or consulate in your home country before departure or upon arrival at the airport in Cambodia.

When submitting your application, ensure you have the invitation letter from your employer. Once your passport is stamped with the visa by an immigration official at the airport or embassy, you are authorized to commence your teaching role in Cambodia. For those who find a teaching job while already in Cambodia, the visa process can still be completed locally with assistance from the employer. This flexibility in the visa application process allows for a smooth transition into teaching English in Cambodia.

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