TESOL Dashiqiao

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K.B. - U.S. said:
In the teaching field,teachers often face problems especially when teaching a class for the first time and when the students do not like the subject .In this unit , I have learned the possible problems a teacher can encounter in the classroom and how to come against these problems. Also after going through this unit I learned that before knowing how to solve these problems a teacher should know the group and the existing group. More so, after reading through this unit I learned that a teacher should establish rapport between students as well as the teacher and students and sometimes , a teacher does this because there are reluctant students who do not want to participate in class or take part in any activity and I learned that in a problem like this a teacher for example can use the role-play because some students find it comfortable communicating among themselves. Also,teachers are faced with the problem of weaker students being slow and stronger students being fast. From this unit I learned that to solve this problem a teacher uses the ?common sense?to take the lesson to the majority of the class . In a nutshell ,in this unit I have come across the different problems teachers face in class and the ways they can resolve these problems and after going through all the units , I have acquired more teaching skills.