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It was nice to see two very different teaching styles in action. Obviously the second teaching style was much more effective, primarily because the lesson was taught in a way that made the students comfortable. After the students were more comfortable, they were more open and participated more as well. It seems that the approach has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the lesson, but the attitude of the teacher is almost as important. Students are clearly going to be more comfortable around a warm and friendly teacher. This was a great demonstration. Video quality was pretty poor though.From this unit,I've learned a lot of the productive skills:speaking and writing.Although speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways,they both are used for the same purpose-to communicate.I've known the difference between accuracy and fluency activities,and I've known that they are equal important.I've also learned how to design a typical speaking and writing activities in the classroom.From this unit,I've learned some techniques to encourage Ss to speak and interact,in addition,I've learned about the guidelines for a speaking activity,and also the games in the classroom.