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Unit 14 described options surrounding authentic versus created class materials. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, as well as approaches to manage and mitigate he possible disadvantages. I do not know what type of materials I will be offered when I begin teaching, but I will hope to have a set of high-quality created materials that I can then supplement with authentic materials tailored to my students' needs and interests. This seem like the best possible approach at nearly any level.This unit was useful because it was both a review of the ESA method as well as an introduction to the parts of language (Vocabulary, Grammar and Functions) which need to be taught and how to teach them within the ESA model. As usual, some teaching ideas were given and I appreciated the visual breakdown of the English language being composed of the Grammar tree trunk/Vocabulary and Function leaves/branches. It was a good way to visualize the language and what we are trying to accomplish in the end.