TESOL Guigang

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A.S. - Georgia said:
In this unit I was given proper methods on how to teach vocabulary, grammatical structures, and key points that go with them. Before this unit I had not considered the difficulties that may arise when teaching vocabulary. The words that I might choose for one class may not be the right fit in another because it may depend on how well the students are accustomed to the vocabulary or they may not have a frequent or common use for it. Some of the key points students should know when it comes to vocabulary are its meaning, use, spelling, pronunciation, etc. The next section for grammatical structure also gave key points to discuss when teaching grammar including meaning, its use, and the difference between spoken and written form. In both of these sections various types of lesson examples where given for the engage, study, and activate stages. Some of the best were scenario building, word games, communication games, and role playing. I believe these to be some of the best because they provide a chance for the student to engage more deeply with the language and also have more talk time than the teacher would have.