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L.H. - United Kingdom said:
This unit perfectly summarized the parts of speech as it clarified the different types of them by mentioning the usage of each and providing examples on them. Parts of speech is so important as it's considered as the base that the sentence is built upon, that's exactly why one has to learn how to differentiate between parts of speech, and know when to use what.The most confusing part about grammatical parts of speech is the ''pronouns'' as it seems always confusing to detect which type of pronoun exactly it is, but in this unit by mentioning what are the personal,possessive,reflexive, and relative pronouns and adding the definition of each was really beneficial that it won't seem confusing anymore. Also, to know the prepositions with all of its different parts is really good. Besides, the placement of the adverb in a sentence was a difficult thing before, but after learning in this unit that there is a certain order for adverbs and explaining it as ''Place, Manner, time '' made it ways easier to use adverb in any sentence even if they were several.