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M.K. - U.S.A. said:
As a teacher, I have to admit that first lesson is super important for following teaching, because that is the first time for students to meet the teacher, so leaving a good impression for students is important to build the solid relationship between teacher and students. Actually, what teacher needs to do is that let students feel relaxed and happy in the class and then they are willing to have English classes because of good teacher. So teacher should use some fun activities to establish rapport between students instead of using the course book to learn grammar points in the very beginning. Questionnaires can also be used to find out about students' needs with English, which can provide teacher with information about the future classes. For the following classes, in the beginning of each class, teacher should have the warm-up part to start, it can be Memory games, Hangman or Tongue twisters, no matter what games you use every time, don't forget to update it every week , or students will be bored about repeating same game. Another big problem that teacher may face is a group where the students are at varying levels, but the chances will be reduced if school has placement test for each new students. Obviously,some special cases are unavoidable, so teacher had better pair strong students with weaker ones instead of spending all time on stronger or weaker students.