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Unit 2 is all about grammar (part of speech). This was a very insightful Unit for me, as it highlighted all the aspects needed in basic sentence construction and also the role of each word used in forming a proper sentence in English. I have learned certain words that started off as a particular part of a sentence can change its role depending on the use and placement of the word in the sentence itself. This Unit grasped my attention anew and I will most definitely refer back to it at any given time during my teaching to come. I enjoyed working on this Unit and studying it. Thank you.This unit went through the motives of reading and listening (for a purpose/entertainment) before going into how people read (scanning for specific information, skimming for general information, deducing from context and for detailed information). Choosing information that motivates students and building interest were important to do before pre-teaching certain vocabulary relevant to the lesson, using materials to practice different skills, using appropriate comprehension tasks and incorporating activate phases that lead from the lesson text were necessary for successful receptive skills.