TESOL Zaporizhya

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M.M. - Brazil said:
This section covered aspects of pronunciation and how to teach things such as intonation, stress, and pronunciation. I have often found this difficult to teach students, so learning the technical terms such as \"fricatives\" and \"dento-labial\" while a bit difficult was actually really useful. It helped me to be able to group the sounds that I hadn't realized were so similar. It really gave me insight into how I physically make the sounds, which in turn has given me tools to more clearly articulate to students how to make certain sounds. I've also struggled with ways to teach intonation and stress, so I would like to use the techniques described in the chapter (such as humming or singing intonation) in my future lessons. I would say that there are probably some other techniques to help students produce sounds which I don't think were covered in the chapter. For example, using mirrors to get students to see their own pronunciation can help. And another thing to note would be that knowledge of the students' native language(s) can be invaluable to helping understand where they might need extra practice with pronunciation. An example for me is that in the native language of my current students, dental fricatives and labio-dental fricatives do not occur, so many students have difficulty with \"th\", \"f\", and \"v\" sounds. Overall, I felt this unit distilled a lot of important information.