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W.A. – China said:
Teachers can come across various problems throughout their career, but they can be solved or avoided. This unit discusses the different scenarios that a teacher could experience in his/her career. Some reoccurring problems that a teacher could be challenged with is the students' reluctance to participate, the class being too large, students not getting enough attention, or he/she would teach a class with students of varying levels. In a class with students unfamiliar with each other, including the teacher, the teacher should get everyone to learn about each other. The teacher could also find out about the interests of the students or what skills they need to be focusing on. Fun games could get the students to warm up and gain the encouragement or motivation to learn English. If there are students of different levels in the same class room, different activities could be given to the students to help cater to their needs, or the stronger students could be paired up with students of lower levels. Teaching receptive skills can be difficult as well, so teachers could go over the difficult vocabulary before the listening activities to help students improve their listening and vocabulary.