TESOL Batavia New York

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This unit really brought home the fact that my future students will bring with them a myriad of backgrounds and language styles. Having once attempted to learn Russian, I m aware of the difficulty of taking on a new alphabet. It was rather daunting although enjoyable. This gives me a little insight as to what many of my students will be going through. Not much attention has been given to the need to teach punctuation until now so I was glad to see it here. I sometimes feel as though we are just breezing through the subjects so quickly and possibly skimming the surface of some very serious subjects. I have noticed that a number of on-line schools are now changing their criteria for hiring to now include a B.A. when just over a year ago this certificate would have been enough. This makes me a little bit nervous. However, I will trust God in this and carry on. I am enjoying this and the videos. I do get frustrated when I make an error on the exams. God bless all of you in the background. :-)