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G.E. - France said:
Classroom management is a skill of organizing and managing the class whilst having a friendly,relaxed manner and maintaining discipline. Eye contact conveys messages and establishes good rapport with students. It should be noted that if a teacher doesn't look students in the eye, they will appear to lack confidence and this could cause problems with discipline. On the contrary, staring at the students is not productive either.Gestures too help in conveying the meaning of the language, help to reinforce instructions and increase the pace of the lesson. As teachers we should refrain from using gestures that students are not aware of as this will only cause misunderstanding and chaos in the classroom. It is also important that teachers take time to know all their students by name as this will help them in the organisation of activities, acknowledging the students, and also get attention of the students. It is also important to note that names of students should be used at the end of the question as this helps to keep the entire class alert. Teachers should respect their students thus the same respect will be given to them. As teachers we should refrain from giving threats that we wont fulfill, as this becomes an empty threat to students thus causing more discipline issues in the lesson.