TESOL Marseille

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M.L. - Korea said:
This unit offers some good information about teaching receptive skills, that is, the skills of reading and listening. For students who are learning English, it can be very difficult to understand sentence structure, punctuation, and the meaning of what they're reading. When listening and hearing words and sentences in English for the first time, it is often difficult to capture every word and the meaning of what they hear. With reading, the student can read the text numerous times and begin to deduce the meaning, but with listening, they often only get to hear something once or twice. Both reading and listening are equally important to learn and to teach. The motives behind reading and teaching are for entertainment, such as listening to music, or for a purpose, such as reading an instruction manual. There are many skills that must be practiced and developed by the students to read and listen effectively, such as predictive, scanning, skimming, deduction, and the skill of gaining detailed information from the text they read or the things they're listening to. It is always a good idea to pre-teach new language and vocabulary words before introducing students to new materials to ensure that they do not feel discouraged or unmotivated to participate. There are many fun activities for teaching the receptive skills, and I'm excited to come up with new lesson plans for teaching these lessons.