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K.B. - U.S.A. said:
Watching both videos was very interesting. In the first, both the demeanor of the teacher, and the method in which he produced the lesson was counterproductive. It was painful to watch. No smiles, stiffness and not knowing the students? names made his task difficult because he alienated himself from the students. He did nothing to draw the interest of the class in. He simply wrote the three different forms of modal auxiliary verbs and said, ?this is easy?. As he was doing it, he was quizzing the class on the words interrogative, affirmative and negative. Why do the students need to know those terms? As he began to explain the concept using animals, it was clear to me that most people didn?t know the meanings of those less common animals, nor did they know the verbs used for the different animal. By contrast, in the second lesson the teacher spent significant time getting students to elicit the names of animals. He wrote the names on the board, and had students practice pronouncing the names. Then the teacher did the same for verbs he could attribute to the animals. So, before introducing the grammatical portion of the lesson, he developed a workable vocabulary of nouns and verbs. He knew the names of students, and called on them by name. He smiled, joked a little, mimed and made the lesson a far more pleasant experience.