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Unit 5 of this course elucidates class management. The first topic explains how teachers should use their bodies: when eye contact must be utilized or avoided, how gestures must be applied to enrich a class and the ideal tone of voice to each situation. Following, the ways a class can be grouped are listed, and the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of group are presented. The next subject matter is how the position of the students influences a lesson. The unit shows some factors that must be considered when arranging the seats and the best kinds of arrangements for each moment of the class. The problem about the period teachers spend on board is solved with some ideas to make good use of this time. The unit also explains how to give individual attention to the students, when the teacher should talk and the pros and cons of this talking time and there are some hints about giving instructions. The last topics describe ways to maintain a good rapport in class and how to deal with discipline problems.