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S.H. - Spain said:
Troubleshoot part: the first lessons in new classes - these classes are vital for the teacher to establish rapport with the students and set the tone for the rest of the course; two categories of such classes^ new group (the students don't know each other and may be unfamiliar with EFL methodology) and existing group (the students likely to know each other and be comfortable with each other, plus familiar with EFL teaching). Warmers are used to inspire and motivate the students. Different levels problems - solvations: use different materials, same materials, but different tasks, don't do anything, pair stronger students with weaker ones. Large classes techniques: use worksheets, pair/group work, clarity, choral repetition, appoint group leader, dynamics. Use of students' native language - the teacher should avoid its use. How to deal with the reluctant students: use plenty of pair work, use controlled practice, use role-play, use a tape recorder (ask the students to record what they would like to say outside the lesson). Difficulties ith listening texts: avoid using audio materials is not acceptable, the teacher needs to help and encourage the students, do pre-work to prepare the students for listening activities.