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M.M. - U.S.A. said:
This unit covers a variety of teaching methods, ranging from the common teaching practices around the world to the specifics of Jeremy Harmer's \"ESA\" method. The unit taught me how to effectively prepare for a class topic, engagement and procedures. While \"ESA\" does work effectively on all ages, however the study materials and certain activities would be best tailored for learners with different levels of language comprehension. For example, if the learners are adults with lots of life experience. I would ask them about their life and work experience in order to tie in with the topic I've prepared or to make an ad-hoc topic regarding the difficulties they faced. I also realized the importance of the learner's need, because every learners have their strength and weaknesses. I would ask them to clarify what do they wish to get from the class in order to prepare a class that will fulfill their needs while I observe their other weaknesses for further improvement. If I'm teaching children, the method mentioned above will not be suitable for them. I would prepare games with simple English requirement. It will mostly have a mixed of teacher centered session and engagement period. This unit also taught me how to handle mistakes and error tactfully without discourage the students from future engagement. This is important to foster a positive progress and a lively atmosphere in the class.