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K.C. - Canada said:
This unit is based on the two receptive aspects;reading and listening. This aspects which can't be judged in isolation (without speaking and writing)are very important in our study/teaching of English. Many students whether reading or listening for entertainment or for a purpose must be drilled on how to go about it.True to say there are many ways one can read, whether scanning or skimming or doing a detailed reading/listening for a test, the teacher most understand that the students need to be prepared most importantly before hand.From the start of learning a language, we learn sounds (a to z) which later form words and then sentences. These sentences are complex structures that must be carefully selected and taught to the students irrespective of level. Rather the main concern should be the content and ability of the intended students.This will be reflected by whether the task is authentic or non-authentic.whether or not the reading or listening task is authentic, as a teacher moltivation of the students on the topic and creating interest will determine the outcome of the study.The activities to accompany the reading/listening should be variedly rich to enable each student is able to learn something from the topic.Worthy of note is the role of a good engage phase for the lesson and a push through elicitation of the lesson through.