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Many different teaching aids can used in a classroom to make lessons more interesting , effective and less dependent on the text book. Thus in unit 17, i learnt and read about some teaching aids and these resources depend largely on the schools .some of the teaching aids are : The board ( basic principle board work;start with a clean board,write legibly and neatly,keep the board clear and easy to read etc.), Interactive whiteboards( using it one need to bear in mind;test and have a back up- plan,system selection and location,etc).,Overhead projector( advanatages: focuses students attention,OHTs can be kept in a file and can be reused time and again, they are a perfect tool for feedback after written exercises ,as the students` worksheets can be copied into the OHT etc, Disadvantages:classroom need a surface,some OHP can be very complicated etc) other teaching aids are visual aids, worksheets and work cards, the cassette recorder,CDplayer,videos and Dvd players , dictionaries and so on .