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M.L. - Philippines said:
The unit discusses about the main methods that have been used and are currently using to teach English in TEFL schools. Such methods as Community Language Learning (CLL) is appropriate to use for bigger classrooms whereas methods like PPP (Presentation, Practice and Production) and CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) can be used for teaching groups and individually. There are also conventional methods such as Audio-lingualism and Grammar- translation which are widely used in the local schools here in Malaysia. Besides explaining the benefits of using such methods, the unit also covers about three main principles in effective teaching-ESA (Engage, Study and Activate). As a person aspiring to be an effective teacher, I?ve found this part very useful when it comes to preparing lesson plans. It helps me to be more organized in carrying out the lessons rather than just spontaneously coming up with activities to do on the spot. Another thing that I appreciate from this unit is the marking codes. In the past, I corrected my student?s works without giving proper attention to the type of mistake they made. As a result, they?ve progressed rather slowly in their writing skills. So I hope that by using the marking codes, they can learn to do proper correction on their own and level up in their writing. Thank you very much for this unit and I look forward to learn more in the units to come.