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N.P. – U.S.A. said:
Some of the areas that may be problematic for a TESOL/TEFL teacher are: First classes, different skill levels, use of native language, class size, reluctant students, and problems with materials, particularly listening texts. Some of these problems are out of the teacher's control, such as class size and skill level among other things. A good teacher will have planned ahead, will have a variety of exercises and materials on hand, and will have a positive and patient attitude. Most problems are solvable by the teacher's ability to build a strong rapport between the students and between themselves and the students at the outset. From there it is up to the teacher to routinely, and keenly, observe the students, looking (and adjusting) for level, interaction, motivation, and success. A good teacher will also empower the students to be a living part of their own lessons by prompting group work, role plays, and partnership, especially noting when stronger students can support and help weaker students. No classroom will be without problems, yet the best teacher will bring humor and levity, as well as empathy, to bring the class together for the best learning environment.