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This unit was introduction and reflection of coniditionals (zero, first, second, third and mixed) and the differences between reported speech and direct speech. Prior to the study of this unit, I did have some recollection and understanding on the major differences between direct and reported speech, for example that direct speech is 'actual' speech (and is commonly presented in the present tense) and reported speech can be referred to as 'indirect' speech (and contrastly is presented in the past tense). However, I previously knew very little about the chnages in verb tenses between the two and I think I will need more practice with this before presenting this in my ESL classes. The same goes for the different conditionals of the English language. Prior to this unit, I had not encountered any reference to any of the different conditionals but now I understand the importances of knowing the differences when presenting these new grammatical aspects of the English language to an ESL learner.