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Having a balance of testing in your teaching program is important. A placement test or diagnostic test is helpful for designing what to cover with a particular group of students. Progress testing should inform your teaching and help you to know what things you need to cover in more detail. Diagnostic testing can also help with this. If all the students are weak in the same area, maybe you should teach it again. In my setting external exams will most likely not be used, but I found it helpful to read the explanation of the various tests that are widely used and accepted.There are many different methods to teach, but limiting it to one limits the learners. All methods to to make the student feel engaged and interested in the lesson. They also need to help the student study and put what they know use. One method alone may be enough to teach a student how to say something, but does not necessarily help the student to know when to use the sentence or phrase. Through out all three phases, it is okay to have interaction between students by talking or even while playing a game. If a student stays interested there is a higher chance of learning.