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This was a good tie in for unit 3, as it showed how to use the various activities mentioned there and finally put them together in a lesson plan. However, I was confused by the questions that stressed a 1st and 2nd part to a particular phase. For instance, question 11 through 13, I reasoned that elicit is first. Gap fills and language drill are both fine for the study phase, but couldn't find anywhere in unit 3 or 9 that explained why you would necessarily put one in front of the other? I think this could use a little more explanation, or reword the question to allow either of two answers.I agree on the introduction of this unit about the course books having fans and critics, this applies to any book published in general. In general, course books and other materials may it be authentic or created ones, a teacher should be creative and sensible enough to find the best suitable material to use for the specific level of students to maximize their learning benefit. This reflects the serious responsibility of a teacher towards the learning process of the students. It should always look into the better understanding and learning of students and development of the teacher as well.