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S. A. – U.S.A. said:
Although a teacher may have composed an astounding curriculum for students to achieve success, however, if there is a lack of rapport within the classroom, the teacher will have trouble controlling the classroom. Establishing great discipline is vital to their success in their teaching expedition. There is always a cause to a problem. Once the origins of a student?s behavioral problems are solved, the teacher will be able to conclude a solution. The teacher must always maintain his/her anger and act immediately to avoid a worsening situation. Varying activities should be incorporated in the lesson to keep the class engaging and fun, avoiding boredom amongst the students. Another important factor to consider is the classroom?s ambiance and arrangement. Depending on classroom size, there are different ways to arrange the seating pattern. This leads to an important factor of the classroom; the teacher?s position. Depending on the nature of an activity, a teacher?s role may need to be less dominant. Teachers need to consider the ratio of student interaction time to teacher talking time, and incorporate activates accordingly.