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The last unit covered receptive skills, so this unit covered productive skills. The first part of the lesson focused mainly on speaking and the second half of the lesson covered writing. It talked about how there are two different aspects in regards to speaking and writing and that is fluency and accuracy. It talked about why these aspects are important and where you would find them in an ESA lesson. It also gave examples of activities that focused on fluency and accuracy. It then briefly talked about the importance of games and how they can be a useful tool in the classroom.Unit 8 is about future tenses. It I see one of the most difficult areas to tackle in English Grammar. Future tense can be expressed by The Future Simple, The Future Continuous, The Future Perfect, The Future Perfect Continuous, The Present Continuous, The Present Simple, and the construction To Be Going + Infinitive. SImilarly to previous grammar units, the abstract demonstrates the forms and the usage of above mentioned tenses, as well as gives ideas how to teach them. In addition, authors suggest to pay attention to most common mistakes students make studying future tenses.