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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

A.G. - China said:
I am a kind of person who loves to study and get new knowledge from everywhere around (either it a course book, movie or a talk with somebody). I was interested in the techniques of teaching english to foreigners before and this course helped me a lot. There was some information I’ve already known and some very new. Most of all I liked the way book offers information – language is clear, everything is detailed and organized (which, in the case if you are looking for information by yourself would take a lot of time), so it had my interest during all of the course. Sometimes it was hard to gain time to finish units, but it worth it. I’ve learned about the role of the teacher in the classroom, it was exciting because acceptance of it was automatically for me, and I never paid much attention to that subject (just did like I’ve been taught for many years). All grammar points were also well structured and easy understandable, just in the way I would like to explain it to the students. They gave a good basis for teaching grammar to me. Now I have a deeper knowledge about techniques, theories and methods of teaching english. I’ve learned how to manage the class work, how to organize different kinds of class activities, how to involve students to the studying process and attract their interest. Now I know how to follow the timing and to plan lesson; how to prepare for the lesson, and use teaching material; when and how to use testing. I found out about methods of teaching different types of skills, pay a greater attention to teaching pronunciation. All that information will be used in my further work. The point of my studying is to go to China after finishing it. I’m interested in teaching english language in kindergarten there. I’ve been studying chinese language and culture for 5 years in university, and lived in China for 1 year; so that all gives me confidence that I am able to adapt to the cultural difficulties and teach kids there. I made a research about techniques of teaching in kindergartens there before, so have some experience and knowledge in that area. I like kids and they also like me mostly. I have a younger cousin and used to take care of him when he was a baby, so I am familiar with difficulties that could happen in this field also and not afraid of it. Of course, responsibility for group of kids is much bigger, but I am a reliable person, so, guesses I will handle it. I thing that teaching will be a pair-time for me, as I am going to go on with my studying chinese there and hope to get a chinese government scholarship (cross the fingers). Anyway, I will have to support myself with money, so it seems like a nice way to practice both languages and get deeper in touch with the culture of Republic of China.