TESOL Meishan

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M.M. - Chile said:
While working through this Unit, I was able to learn a lot about how to manage a class and what a teacher can do to provide an enjoyable learning environment. Through practice in the classroom, every teacher has to find their own way of teaching and behaving infront of the students. However, beeing creative and able to switch between different roles according to the situation is crucial for a class to be able to learn effiently. Being too dominant as the teacher could intimidate students and therefore discourage them from learning with pleasure. But then again, having no strict attitude at all can be a trigger for respectless behavior on behalf of the students. Besides attitude, subtle things like eye contact, voice and mimes as well as the right way of grouping students are an important part of the teacher taking a leading position in class. If the classroom arrangement is not considered well, students may be distracted either by each other or by their own position in the classroom. For me personally the most important part of this Unit relates to giving instructions and maintaining discipline inside the class. Without those two factors, it could be difficult if not impossible to appropriately manage a classroom, as students comprehension and discipline are strongly linked. Rapport between the students themselves and, of course, the teacher is a crucial factor for a successful class.